Make a composition with CSS borders as the only visible elements using only properties covered with Position and Color. Properties should be assigned to otherwise blank DIVs (no content, no background) through class selectors, which is covered below. Name as default index.html (or whatever your server’s default is) and place in a folder called borders, online. Use starter HTML and CSS documents given below.

index.html & borderfunky.css

The rules

  1. In HTML, use only divs with no content (except a space).
  2. Use border properties!!!
  3. Use width & height.
  4. Use top, right, bottom, left.
  5. Use z-index.
  6. No other properties!
  7. You may give the body a background color, though.
  8. I will also permit nesting of elements, with inner elements set to a static position, if you can figure it out.
  9. Now, make something bewildering, or awesome!

There are no further instructions! Except, as with all else, it better be uploaded. Hint: If you don’t keep a space between the opening and closing div tags, the element will not display.

What you absolutely need to know

You will use class selectors to style the many divs in your HTML document. It works with a class attribute. See it here:

<div class="arbitrary"> </div>

Here “arbitrary” is just that—an arbitrary value you choose for the element. For our example, each one will need to be different! The corresponding CSS looks like this:

.arbitrary { border: 1px solid black; }

That little period . in front of the name you chose is what makes this work. It says: ❝Find any element that has this word in the class attribute.❞ That is why it is called a class selector; you will learn more selectors in the future, but just deal with this now.

Because of the wonderful things we does!

Discuss amongst ourselves

You have almost no time, but if you don’t cover all this as a group in brief comments, have mercy on your soul: → Where is there order and not? → Most ordered? How? Why? → Least ordered or orderly? How? Why? → Any moments in the set that could prove useful in the future? → Anything sublime? → Anything you just don’t know how?


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