How the internet works, document relationships, paths, path types.

Take notes in class for this and all Corpus lectures. I am not putting the full lecture up here. It’s from the hip.


An absolute path—it works the same regardless of the referring document location. Always the longest option. In this example, “images” is a folder in “diii”, another folder.


Relative paths (more specifically, document-relative paths)—if the referring document is moved to another location, paths will break. The first example says: ❝Start in the current directory (or folder) and find an “images” folder, go in there and display “mai.jpg”.❞ The second example means that the image file is a sibling of the referring document—both are in the same place. The third example uses ../ to say: ❝Get out of the directory you’re in now (go one step back in the directory tree), and in that parent directory, find an “images” folder, go in there and fetch “mai.jpg”.❞


A site root–relative path, a sort of hybrid of absolute and relative paths. This is absolute in the sense that it starts by taking you to the very top of the local directory hierarchy (a contained web site or a hard drive). It is relative in that it only works if the referring document stays on that same web site or hard drive.


  1. Domain name server
  2. Domain
  3. URL
  4. Server
  5. Browser & platform
  6. Local
  7. Query
  8. Code (plan) vs. interpretation (printing) vs. expression (display)
  9. HTML (content)
  10. CSS (presentation of that content)
  11. PHP (dynamic content)
  12. Content management system (CMS)
  13. Database
  14. Absolute vs. relative paths
  15. Absolute or full path
  16. Document-relative path
  17. Site root–relative path
  18. index.html

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