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The Book is Dead; Long Live the Book (Meaney)
Decorative Capitals (Meaney)
Demontage (Peterson)
Greening the Grocery Store (Meaney)
Hip Hop Haven (Meaney)
Illiterate Instructions (Peterson)
The Library: A Museum (Meaney)
Multiplex Books (Peterson)
Paper Clever (Meaney)
Performative Design for Education (Peterson)
Performative Tasks (Peterson)
Tableau (Peterson)
The Incomplete Works of
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Essay: “Frontin’ vs. Keepin’ It Real”
AIGA Journal Voice
With student work.

Essay: “Greening the Grocery Store”
Design Observer
With student work.

Essay: “Redesigning The New Yorker
AIGA Journal Voice

Essay: “I. D.O. D.E.C.L.A.R.E.”
Speak Up

Essay: “The Cuckoo Bird and the Keyboard”
Design Observer

Essay: “The Zign is On the Wall”
Speak Up

Essay: “For Keepsake!”
Speak Up

In Ellen Lupton’s D.I.Y.: Design It Yourself
Princeton Architectural Press

Essay: “The Emerging Pattern of Species Loss”
Speak Up
With student-made patterns.


The New-York Journal of American History
The New-York Historical Society
Which received:
The 365: AIGA Annual Design Award in 2004,
The Art Director’s Club 83rd Annual Award in 2004, and
(most importantly)
Kind words from Peter Jennings at ABC News.

The Acme Catalog
Chronicle Books

Bomb Magazine
Complete redesign, issue no. 91.
Design: Field Study (Matthew Peterson & Roy Brooks)

Case Reports
The Liz Claiborne Art Ortenberg Foundation

Latin American Architecture
The Monacelli Press
Design: Field Study

The New American Dream
The Monacelli Press
Design: Field Study

AIGA Chicago journal
Complete redesign, issue no. 30.
Design: Field Study


New Contexts / New Practices
AIGA Design Educators Conference

Imaging III Course Platform
Co-taught w/ Amber Howard, who developed earlier course iterations

M.G.D. Program Information
NC State College of Design

Leonardo Technologies, Inc.


A Progress Chart
Columbia University

Icons from a Voting Poster
Sylvia Harris & the University of Minnesota


Educational Resources & Development
Walker Art Center

Two-Year Annual Report
The New-York Historical Society

A manic folding scheme
Man Ray gallery guide
Walker Art Center

Walker Calendar of Events


Clogs, “Lullaby for Sue”
Design: Field Study

Clogs, “Stick Music”
Design: Field Study

CD Sampler
Studio K7


A Janus Invitation
The Sloat / Sundstrom Wedding

History Maker’s Gala
The New-York Historical Society

Envelope o’ Postcards
Herzog & de Meuron exhibition
Walker Art Center

Chanukah Cards for Children
For two of Wendy Katcher’s annual parties.

Fifty-fourth General Meeting of MAGNUM PHOTOS
With perforated brackets to double as your party disguise.

Birth Announcement of Theodore Kelly

In-house festivities
A Pentagram art show and a cocktail party.

Matrimony in a Cemetery
The Dojny / Young Wedding
Glows in the dark!

Yale School of Architecture
Design: Pentagram, Team Bierut

Birth Announcement of Hailey Carrett Baldwin
She’s her own family tree!

Clapping Penguin greeting card
DesignMeaney (the competition!)


Huge Gallery Guide / Big Poster
Herzog & de Meuron exhibition
Walker Art Center
Design: Andrew Blauvelt & Matthew Peterson

Design is Hard
Walker Art Center Design Internship

Field Study Ethos
Exhibited at the 2003 GraficEurope Conference in Barcelona.
Design: Field Study

Field vs. Study
Announcing a speaking engagement for the AIGA in Milwaukee.
Design: Field Study


Titles for Kirsten Kearse’s short film.

A Dirty Movie

Two T-shirts Equal Lizzy
For the couple who love their dog as much as each other.

No Chance for You, Canoe
A true story...

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Wiener-dog Buttons

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PhD in Design candidate and adjunct professor, NC State.

As well as Mai Goodness (lap warmer).